Thursday, April 9, 2009

Goal #2- Be a Better Blogger

So I am obviously not a very faithful blogger. I will add this to the top of my to-do list… a better blogger. It’s right below clean out the trunk of my car.

Anyway, so I have made it up to 13 sales which is so awesome! My best customer is actually one of my best girlfriends Mom in NY! She has bought 5 sets of stationery. I was super busy last week, I had been house sitting the week before so I didn’t get home until Tuesday night and then I had 5 orders placed on my ETSY site along with 6 orders from my sister in law for a bridal shower. So all in all I had 11 orders and I was planning for a meeting with a bride to be to talk about save-the dates. The bride ended up canceling the meeting because she has strep throat. Bummer. So I will have to reschedule. Anyway, I have added a pic from the shower because it was so beautiful. My sister in law has great taste!

FYI- Those are the Hello Cupcake boxes under the gift bags

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