Friday, May 1, 2009

I’m in Laguna B! House Party with LMFAO

So for a non card related blog……I went to a really cool party last week at this beautiful mansion in Laguna. I really didn’t know what to expect because my friend Maria who I went to college with was in town and is the one who invited me and didn’t tell me much other than that it was a circus theme.

Anyway, the party was awesome! The house was beautiful! Major props to the event coordinator for pulling this all together. It had so much detail! LMFAO performed….“I’m in Miami bi**h”. Great, Great. They had a cirque du soleil girl on a ring above the pool, a girl with a huge snake, guy with a monkey and a guy doing caricatures. My drawing is below. I also found a pic of Maria and I that is on the 944 website and then a pic of me with the snake….because I’m so brave :) Anyway, figured I would spice up the blog with something different. Hope you like.

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