Monday, May 4, 2009

Unique LA Event

I went to an awesome tradeshow up in LA this last weekend called Unique LA. This was geared towards Etsy type sellers. It is a place for them to showcase their independent designs and products. I went there to do some future vending research and I was so impressed!

I am absolutely planning to exhibit at the December show. I had such a great time. I loved checking out all of the unique, one of a kind finds. I bought some great gifts, talked to some really cool vendors and got some great ideas for the future.

Some of My Favorite Sellers from the Show:

I purchased two beautiful necklaces made from cloth with adorable button accents

Chocolate and Steel
Beautiful and unique silver jewelry that is made from reclaimed silver

Rachel Austin
Beautiful paintings, bright color and lots of bird designs. A lot of the paintings look like something that would fit perfectly in my apartment

Something Sophie
Wonderful line of mineral cosmetics! I bought several items and everything I’ve tried so far, I have loved!

Reverie Studio
Great silver and semi precious stone jewelry. Beautiful pieces and the seller was extremely friendly.

Side Note: I learned how to properly pronounce “Etsy”. Sounds like “Betsy” without the “B”. Good to know :)

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