Monday, June 15, 2009

Craft Space Makeover Challenge

I am a proud member of the ETSY Greeting’s Team ( The team is full of creative masterminds that both encourage and inspire one another.

Our latest team challenge was a design space makeover. I’m in! I probably have one of the smallest spaces to work with considering I live in a tiny studio by the beach. So I did my best.

The main issue with my crafting space was organization. My desk is tiny! But it gets the job done. I went through the space and grouped things together. All buttons in a jar, all paper in an organizer and all envelopes in a box.

It’s a small change but for me, a big difference.



Medical School Graduation Invitation

**Update: If you are interested in purchasing these invitations customized for your event look HERE**. Also, please be considerate and don't rip off my idea. It's just not school invitationI am in LOVE with my latest work. My boyfriend is finishing residency this June after 11 years of schooling and residency. You can imagine how pleased and proud I am. I am putting together a graduation party later this month and I got a little creative on the invitations.

Considering he is a doctor, I thought prescription pill bottles and an Rx pad invite was fitting. I first got the prescription bottles. Then created some sticker labels modeled after a real prescription and the text is all of his schooling information. Wa-la!

The end result. I have gotten so much great feedback on these and I am looking into...scratch that...I have purchased some prescription bottles for future med-school graduation invitations. Available HEREmed school invitation