Monday, June 15, 2009

Craft Space Makeover Challenge

I am a proud member of the ETSY Greeting’s Team ( The team is full of creative masterminds that both encourage and inspire one another.

Our latest team challenge was a design space makeover. I’m in! I probably have one of the smallest spaces to work with considering I live in a tiny studio by the beach. So I did my best.

The main issue with my crafting space was organization. My desk is tiny! But it gets the job done. I went through the space and grouped things together. All buttons in a jar, all paper in an organizer and all envelopes in a box.

It’s a small change but for me, a big difference.




  1. Great job!
    I'll take living in a small space for living on the beach anyday!

  2. Great work, Stacy! Isn't it great having a nice tidy place to work in?

    I posted a note in my blog about your transformation:

    Molly Lee