Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Boy Shower Invites

When I was up in San Francisco last week I had lunch with an old friend who is around 5 months prego with a baby boy. She is having her baby shower in June and was nice enough to ask me to put something together for her invitations.

I have been working on putting together 40 of these adorable brown, blue and white invitations. The look really pretty in person. The brown is a very shiny, thick paper and the two little feet prints are actually embossed with a shiny brown look and a really great, smooth to the touch feel. This has been a really fun project so far.

The finalized order will include printed mailing labels and a return address labels all with the same white, blue brown and embossed baby feet look.

Super Cute!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Take on Traditional Post Office Mailing Labels

I have been tracking a big package on the USPS website (the one with 5 boxes of stationery that was headed to NY) and I was inspired by the simplicity of the preprinted labels you see at the post office. Wa-la. My take on the traditional post office mailing label. I am planning to print out some samples this evening, snap some pics and hopefully post this to my ETSY.

The best part about these cards, other than how cute they are of course is that they are the perfect size for just a quick note and I am able to print four cards per sheet which saves paper. Enjoy!

Nontraditional Postal Delivery

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tax Not Included

Yesterday was a really big day. I got my sellers permit. For real. You know those signs that you see when you go into the nail salon? My sign even says to display at my place of business. Cooooool!!!

I really didn’t know what to expect. I had some papers that I had received in the mail that had a local office that I could go to and file. I dragged Sarah there on our lunch hour and she waited in the car. Basically I would sum it up to an experience similar to one you would have at the DMV. Screaming children, chairs for waiting and all workers were behind bullet proof glass which made me a little nervous. Were they expecting someone to come shoot the place up and if so, I’m on the wrong side of the glass. Luckily they weren’t that busy and this adorable little man helped me….He seemed really impressed that I had my own business so that made me feel good.

Anyway, so really what this means is that I am legit and now I will have to charge tax on CA orders. Although my accountant said that if I file as a “Wholesale” business instead of “Retail” I will only have to claim taxes but not pay them. I need to check into all of this but I filed as wholesale none the less. Wholesale makes me think of Cost Co. So I’m setting my expectations high and Hello Cupcake will someday be as big as Cost Co. It could happen.
It's the real deal.............
Me and my permit! Yes, I was in the car.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Goal #2- Be a Better Blogger

So I am obviously not a very faithful blogger. I will add this to the top of my to-do list… a better blogger. It’s right below clean out the trunk of my car.

Anyway, so I have made it up to 13 sales which is so awesome! My best customer is actually one of my best girlfriends Mom in NY! She has bought 5 sets of stationery. I was super busy last week, I had been house sitting the week before so I didn’t get home until Tuesday night and then I had 5 orders placed on my ETSY site along with 6 orders from my sister in law for a bridal shower. So all in all I had 11 orders and I was planning for a meeting with a bride to be to talk about save-the dates. The bride ended up canceling the meeting because she has strep throat. Bummer. So I will have to reschedule. Anyway, I have added a pic from the shower because it was so beautiful. My sister in law has great taste!

FYI- Those are the Hello Cupcake boxes under the gift bags