Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guess whooooo is turning two!

This is a current work in process. I will keep you posted on the outcome. Cute so far!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fire in the Casserooooooollllleeeeee!

I did the run through of my dish for the Paula Deen, Real Women of Philadelphia opportunity and thank goodness I did.

I am going to submit a recipe for……..
Mini Baked Banana Cream Cheese French Toast Casseroles
Yesssssss!!! Or yummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

As I was following the directions I had written out for the recipe I realized that I needed to make a few tweaks to eliminate waste. The main change that was needed was to only use 6 eggs, not 8. Other than that, I had estimated pretty well on the other amounts and things went well. Ummmm. I guess except for one thing. At the very last minute right before taking the dishes out of the oven I decided to veer off my planned recipe and thought it would be a good idea to turn the oven to broil to try and give the top a nice crisp outer layer. Bad idea.

I walked away for no more than two minutes and they caught on FIRE! But waste not. We still ate them, after cutting off the top layer of course and I must say, they are delicious!

Later that afternoon as I was reviewing my proposed changes with Christoph I was questioning if the dish was special enough to hold its own in the competition and he gave me the best advice I’ve had in a long time.

He said, “Stacy, 90% of success, is just showing up”.

Well there you have it.

This is my plated dish (burnt outer layer and all). I really think the green of the dish, side and placemat go together well. I look forward to getting this recipe to its full potential in my next go round.

Friday, March 26, 2010

What Hams: Me and Paula Deen

A little over a month ago, Paula Deen paid a visit to the San Francisco Food Bank to donate over 30,000 pounds of protein in partnership with Smithfield. A big perk of my job….getting to meet celebs from time to time. The day after the donation, I was invited to a cooking demonstration where Paula announced that she would be collaborating with Philadelphia Cream cheese for a “Real Women of Philadelphia” cooking contest.

Basically, you come up with an appetizer, entre, side or dessert that uses cream cheese, shoot a video and submit. I’ve been giving this quite a bit of thought and have come up with my recipe to be unveiled in a later post.

This weekend I will be doing a recipe run through to see if:
1.) It tastes good
2.) What measurements/ingredients/directions need to be changes
3.) Cooking video practice (I’ve enlisted Christoph to be the photog)

This was me saying “Paula, I made your Tennessee Banana Black Walnut Cake with Carmel Frosting last weekend and it was aaaammmazing!”

Paula is great! It’s no wonder she is successful at what she does.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Fav's

Not a whole lot is new in my crafting world….except that I am planning to go back and tackle a jacket that I was trying to sew last week (reversible, teal/black jacket that looks like a dress). I had no idea that collars and sleeves could be so frustrating! I honestly had to walk away from the project for 5 days or it might have ended up as a scraped project.

So in the mean time, I decided to do a quick write up on a few of my favorite blogs and my favorite posts. First, the work and blogs are all amazing and inspiring and second I benefit from being able to go to my blog to just click on their links without having to remember the URL’s…..slightly lazy, I know.

2000 Dollar Budget Wedding
Favorite Post: Wow. This is a must read. It’s a recap of how they were able to pull off their wedding for the price.

Elise Blaha
Favorite Post: All of them. Her work is great! If I had to choose, I really enjoy Wedding Wednesdays and the count downs.

Design Sponge
Favorite Post: Pretty much anything in the before and after section

Girl in the City
Favorite Post: I like the posts where she gives a breakdown of what she’s wearing, where it came from and how much it cost and the ones that show the outfit inspiration.

Marta Writes
Favorite Post: The Blogging & Jealousy post has a great message and a super mommy monster….. u be u. i'll be me.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Customer = Happy Me

I sold my 21st order on my ETSY shop Hello Cupcake LLC the other day and posted a link about it in Facebook. Unexpectedly, I got some amazing testimonials from some past clients. My favorites are below. This really made me feel GREAT!