Monday, March 29, 2010

Fire in the Casserooooooollllleeeeee!

I did the run through of my dish for the Paula Deen, Real Women of Philadelphia opportunity and thank goodness I did.

I am going to submit a recipe for……..
Mini Baked Banana Cream Cheese French Toast Casseroles
Yesssssss!!! Or yummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

As I was following the directions I had written out for the recipe I realized that I needed to make a few tweaks to eliminate waste. The main change that was needed was to only use 6 eggs, not 8. Other than that, I had estimated pretty well on the other amounts and things went well. Ummmm. I guess except for one thing. At the very last minute right before taking the dishes out of the oven I decided to veer off my planned recipe and thought it would be a good idea to turn the oven to broil to try and give the top a nice crisp outer layer. Bad idea.

I walked away for no more than two minutes and they caught on FIRE! But waste not. We still ate them, after cutting off the top layer of course and I must say, they are delicious!

Later that afternoon as I was reviewing my proposed changes with Christoph I was questioning if the dish was special enough to hold its own in the competition and he gave me the best advice I’ve had in a long time.

He said, “Stacy, 90% of success, is just showing up”.

Well there you have it.

This is my plated dish (burnt outer layer and all). I really think the green of the dish, side and placemat go together well. I look forward to getting this recipe to its full potential in my next go round.