Saturday, April 17, 2010

Diving In Head First

In keeping with my New Years Resolutions, I’ve really been trying to get Hello Cupcake off the ground. When I started the business a little over 2 years ago (2 years! time flies!!) I really didn’t do any research.

In my normal fashion I dove right in and have been figuring it out as I went along. As reckless as that was, surprisingly things have gone fairly smooth. There have been a little hiccups along the way…a delinquency note here and there from the State Board of Equalization. Who knew I had to file sales tax for my business back in January? I thought that happened when I filed my regular taxes.

Anyway, in the spirit of getting the business up and running at a bigger scale I’m reading a book that I would recommend. It’s really informative, helpful and put together well. I especially like the interviews of current crafters and artists.

On a side note, Christoph and I had a talk last night about my business and we set a goal for the biz. Not just any goal but a HUGE goal!!!! One day I’ll let the cat out of the bag but for now I’ll just keep it to myself.

Check out the book!

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