Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Someone will be…..“murdered”

In a few weeks, I’ll be one year older. Christoph wanted to throw me a birthday party and right away I started thinking of themes.

Once I figured it out, the conversation went like this:

Stacy: “I’ve decided what kind of birthday party I want to have”
Christoph: “What do you mean?”
Stacy: “Murder Mystery theme party!!!!!”
Christoph: (silence)
Stacy: “What you don’t like that idea?”
Christoph: “Why can’t your birthday party theme just be …..‘your birthday’.”
Stacy: “Are you kidding me? No way.”

Murder Mystery Party! I’ve never been to one of these so we ordered a kit online and I’ve been planning or plotting away. In all honesty, I don’t really care that it’s my birthday party, in fact I didn’t even bother putting that on the invitations.

I just LOVE any excuse for getting my friends together for a fun evening. Looking forward to it.

Invitation Kit:

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