Thursday, May 6, 2010

*Sigh*……Etsy, how I love thee

So last night I went to an ESTY meet up group in San Francisco. A few of the Etsy admins were in town for a web 2.0 conference and were having a meet up at Crossroads Café.

Talk about a networking opportunity! There were around 5 people from the Etsy office that filled different capacities. They did some introductions then opened the floor for Q&A. As an Etsy seller, it was amazing to get some insight to what other sellers are doing, struggles they’re having, what they want to see, and what’s working/not working for them.

The Etsy team also gave some great insight as to what’s in the pipeline (exciting stuff) and then they were available for some one on one face time towards the end.

I don’t know what else to say besides…..IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!! Thank you Etsy team for really humanizing the work that goes on in the office and for the feedback. You’re doing such great work!!!

P.S.- I got an Etsy shirt! Ginger and I love it :)

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