Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makes Me Smile

The picture: Sometimes I’m interviewed by news stations for my job and they always shoot at a strange angle that makes my nose look HUGE! This is a pic of my brother and I having a nose off. Trying to figure out whose nose is bigger. We were cracking up trying to get this picture. In order to get it we just had to keep our eyes closed.

I'm grinning. I love it. This picture makes me really happy.

On my mind:
Can I rearrange the guest room to make my craft space bigger?
How do I balance wearing jewelry on my left writs and not have it clash with my engagement ring?
There are at least 15 shirts in my closet that are unwearable until I iron them. How can I get motivated to iron?
I get to work on a custom card order this evening
Christoph has the night off
What’s for dinner?

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