Monday, July 19, 2010

Sticking to my New Years Resolutions

My first craft fairI’ll admit. I was nervous. What if no one buys my cards? What if my tabletop display doesn’t hold up to everyone else’s. Does my stuff really fit in with the crowd?

The fears diminished the instant I sold my first card. Then I sold my first 10 cards, and then it was 20, then 30….and on and on.

Yesterday’s Indie-Mart was a success! I gained a lot of confidence in my work, got a lot of positive feedback and I got some great insight into what cards people like the most. I exceeded my selling goal by quite a bit and I had a great time. Thanks to those that came out to support. Our friends are awesome :)

BTW: I won’t be using the same tablecloth for the next show. Too jinky looking.

1 comment:

  1. Stacy your table looked great and really stood out from the crowd, way to go! Can't wait for your next show and new designs :)

    BTW, I'm following you on twitter now, sorry I was late to that train.