Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello My Name is Stacy and I Love Hello Cupcake

Last Friday Etsy hosted a Meet Up and Etsy Success Panel with a discussion of indie business stories and success. It was awesome! I got some great insight from others in the biz, met my fellow SF Etsy Team Members (yeah!) and to top it off, I met DanielleXo….yes the DanielleXO that you see in your email every week and Julie who’s “finds” I love.

It’s really great to know that even though Etsy spans the globe in more than 150 countries and with buyers and sellers in the hundreds of thousands they still manage to feel like a real community who cares. I mean honestly, I’ve only been at this for a few years and already I’ve met four people from the Brooklyn office and they were all awesome and really took the time to talk and offer feedback.
The Etsy Panel (Julie top left and Danielle top right)
Me and Danielle

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