Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Creative, Inc.: Non Crafty Need Not Apply

I've decided to make this a two part post:

First, I went to the Creative, Inc book release
Second, I’m looking for cool, crafty, fun, laid back ladies in the Bay Area who want to be friends. I'm serious. Read on.

So, a few weeks ago I went to the book signing/release party for Creative, Inc. at Candystore Collective.The book, Creative, Inc is a guide to running a successful freelance business. I can think of so many ways that this book could come in handy to help me grow Hello Cupcake. The book was written by Meg Ilasco and Joy Cho. Meg also wrote the book Craft, Inc. which I read a while back, blogged about and loved.

When I got to Candystore Collective, I picked up a copy of the book and waited in a short line to have it signed by the authors. I had the casual "Hello my name is" conversation with Joy and then I chatted briefly with Meg. My chat with Meg was awesome. She asked about my business, what I did, how it was going, offered nice words of encouragement, and complemented my purse. I really appreciated her spending the time. I also had a few samples of Hello Cupcake cards on me and offered one up to Meg. You can actually see the card she picked on the table! She was so nice and supportive. That meant a lot to me.Me standing in line to have the book signedThat's my purse and under Meg's arm (circled) is this Hello Cupcake card!

Now on to the friend issue. I went to the book signing by myself. It's not that I don't have friends; it's that I don't have friends that are aspiring creators, crafters, DIYers. That stinks. It seemed like everyone at the party had come in groups and it's not easy to walk up to a group of strangers that all know each other and seem deep in conversation. I did decide that I have to at least try to put myself out there. So I did. I walked up to two ladies who were talking to each other. A group of two seemed easier to break into than a group of six. The two ladies I met ended up working for Chronicle Books (the publisher of Creative, Inc.). One of the ladies was really nice and seemed open to speaking with someone new. The other....not so much.

Anyway, it just got me thinking that I really need to make some nice crafty friends. Seriously, you're an aspiring DIYer? Let’s grab lunch. Email me stacy@hellocupcakecreations.com

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  1. I'm emailing you RIGHT NOW girl! Let's be IRL friends, ok? We can gossip about that other place too ;)