Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hunger Challenge Day 4: I’m eating my words. At least they are free (unfortunately, they aren’t filling)

Remember when I blogged “I hope I’m not being overly confident and optimistic but I think I can handle this. At the very least, it’s only one week and as it stands now, I am very conscious of my food spending habits.”?

What a joke!

Everyone else around me is able to eat whatever they want without giving it a second thought. I’m so envious. It actually makes me a little angry. I feel like I can’t enjoy a meal (and I LOVE to eat). It’s hard to imagine that this is just a small glimpse into what it feels like to live on food stamps.

This morning for breakfast I ate the standard oatmeal with brown sugar and coffee from home. I was actually excited about my lunch. I had brought a can of pea soup and a few slices of bacon to cook and add in. I also had some toast.Yuck! Salt overload! I didn’t finish the whole soup. It would have counted for almost 60% of my daily sodium intake. Gross! The more I ate the more I started to feel like Oliver Twist. The line *“Please Sir, I want some more” *{insert British accent} played in my head. I didn’t want more, but I was relating to Oliver. I’m hungry, this tastes like crap and this is all I have.

For dinner, I’m becoming a master of disguise. I decided to take the leftover spaghetti sauce (it has ground turkey and veggies in it) and turn it into mini lasagna casseroles. I had enough to make 3 mini lasagna casseroles with the leftover sauce. It was great! Is it just me or does everything taste better when cooked as a mini casserole?
Money Well Spent:
Coffee: $0.50
Oatmeal: $0.25
Soup with Bacon: $1.25
Toast: $0.08
Apple: $0.33
Lasagna: $1.33 per serving

Total: $3.74

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