Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hunger Challenge Day 5: Temptation

I left my lunch at home today. I was left with two choices:
1.) Try to make my oatmeal and small snacks get me by till dinner
2.) Drive through McDonalds and get something filling off the $1 menu

What do you think I did? What would you have done? What if this was a reality you faced every day? No food to eat, a few dollars in your pocket and you are hungry. Unfortunately, in San Francisco, 150,000 people struggle each day to feed themselves and their families. This scenario I faced is probably not new for them.

Me. I decided not to give to the lure of McDonalds. By 4:00, I found it really hard to concentrate and focus. I was so hungry. But really? Skipping one meal? That's not what it's like to really be hungry. I'm so fortunate.

On a side note, my co-worker Dana who is also taking the Hunger Challenge offered me one of her Sweet Potato Tofu Burgers! Thanks Dana!

For dinner, I made breakfast tacos for Christoph and me. My Breakfast Taco Recipe:
- 5 eggs
- 1 potato (diced)
- ¼ Onion (diced)
- 1 can green chilies (My Dad lives in New Mexico and sends these to me)
- 1 slice of cheese
- 4 slices of bacon
- Butter

- Microwave your potato till it’s soft (3 min each side)
- Cook your bacon (I cook mine in the microwave….easy)
- Lightly sauté your onions and add in the microwaved, diced potato
- Add cut up cheese, eggs and green chilies to the potatoes and onion
- Cut your bacon and add to the egg mix
- Stick it inside a tortilla

Money Well Spent:
Coffee: $0.50
Oatmeal: $0.25
Yogurt: $0.50
Breakfast taco: $1.40
Angel Food Cake and Strawberries: $0.50

Total: $3.15

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  1. During last year's challenge I had a night where I ended up grabing a $1 cheeseburger from McDonalds for dinner. It was sadly the most filling dinner I had that week. I totally understand why people do it!