Monday, September 20, 2010

Hunger Challenge Wrap up: Grin and Bear It but End on a Sweet Note

It was harder than I thought. It wasn’t fun at all. It made me feel bad - physically, mentally and emotionally. There were days when I woke up with a looming feeling of sadness. Like something terrible had happened – a loss, a mistake, regret. Yet the only thing I lost was the ability to eat what I wanted when I wanted. I wasn’t hungry, but I was unhappy. I lost the freedom to enjoy food.

I came out with a new perspective, a fresh reminder of why I go into work each day, a better understanding of the need that surrounds me.

The realization that yes, it is possible to live on just $4 per day, but no, it is not possible to really “live” on just $4 per day. Does that make sense?

To really understand it, you must try it. Not for a day or two – but really, try it. No cheating. You can’t be partially dedicated and expect to really “get it”.

Gain a new perspective in one week’s time. That’s pretty neat if you ask me.

This made quite an impact on me.

Money spent on food:

Day 1: Total: $2.95
Day 2: Total: $4.10
Day 3: Total: $4.43
Day 4: Total: $3.74
Day 5: Total: $3.15
Day 6: Total: $4.28*
Day 7: Total: $3.56*

Grand Total for the week: $26.21

*Day 6: I had coffee, breakfast taco, chili, lasagna
*Day 7: I had coffee, breakfast taco, meatloaf, cupcake

Bear in tie is from Berkley Illustration

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