Friday, September 10, 2010

The Hunger Challenge….Eating on just $4 per day

Starting this Sunday, I will be participating in the San Francisco Food Bank’s third annual Hunger Challenge. To participate in the challenge, I am going to try living on a food stamp budget for one week. That’s just $4 a day (per person) for my entire food and drink budget! I will be sharing the experience right here on my blog.

I hope I’m not being overly confident and optimistic but I think I can handle this. At the very least, it’s only one week and as it stands now, I am very conscious of my food spending habits. Remember that time I made a thanksgiving dinner for under $12?

This is my normal food spending routine:
- Review the weekly grocery store ads and plan my meals accordingly
- I make one trip to the grocery store each week
- We usually go out to dinner once a week
- We usually order take out one night a week

So the big change will be the take out and the dining out. Those are obviously not in my budget ($28 for the week). I also think it will be a bit of a challenge to separate my meals from Christoph’s since he isn’t taking the challenge. I can foresee him ordering takeout while I’m eating my Hunger Challenge meal….that won’t be fun.

There is still time to join in if you are interested in taking the challenge too!

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  1. Stacy, looking forward to reading about your experiences on the Hunger Challenge. Good luck with your shopping!