Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let me tell you what makes a good burrito:

Last week, 7x7 Magazine opened a call for nominations looking for a “burritophile” for a “burrito-off and photo shoot” for their February food issue. I love burritos. I really do. You may have seen me tweet, write, eat or talk about burritos. So I was thrilled about the opportunity to potentially put my love of a good burrito to good use.

The bottom line...I wasn’t picked to be a burrito judge but I couldn’t resist sharing my nomination since it really is funny.

FYI: THIS is who 7x7 deemed competent to judge a burrito competition

My thoughts: Anyone who lists Chipotle as their favorite burrito in San Francisco deserves to be disqualified. Seriously. Chipotle?!

The Nomination came from my friend Elizabeth:
Stacy is the quintessential burritophile. Whenever I want to get her to do something all I have to do is bring up the possibility of a burrito.

The first day I met her we went to lunch and had burritos. I was literally shocked at seeing such a little lady, eat such a big burrito with such abandon. The girl can put away a burrito like no one else I’ve met before. She originally hales from Southern California and once believed Chipotle to be the epitome of a good burrito. Now Stacy won’t go near the foil wrapped burrito facade. She has come to realize the true makeup of a good burrito: The correct ratio of refried beans to rice.

Stacy knows what she’s looking for in a good burrito and when she finds herself unwrapping unknown burrito foil she tends to be a bit skeptical but optimistic and hopeful that she will be swept away in a sea of pico de gallo.

Her favorite places to consume burritos from are:
1.) Los Compadres Taco Truck (Civic Center)
2.) El Metate (Mission)
3.) Taqueira La Laguna (Bayview/Hunters Point)

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