Thursday, December 2, 2010

My bestie's aka bridesmaids

When we first got engaged I took a 2 month hiatus to not think about wedding related stuff and just bask in the feeling of being newly engaged.

Then we kicked it into high gear. Picked out and booked a venue, photographer, houses to rent the weekend of the wedding, looked into caterers etc.  Then another huge break. 

Now here we are back in high gear.  7 months to go!

This weekend I am in Dallas.  I get together with my college girlfriends for a reunion/party every year around this time.

Three of my four bridesmaids are friends of mine from college that I've known for around 10 years.  My other bridesmaid is my sister in law who I've been friends with since the 9th grade!  Amazing right? Then she goes on to marry my brother (they were also high school sweethearts)!  

My bridesmaids are the best.  They truly get me.  I asked all of them either in person or over the phone.  After the squeals and gittiness  set in I sent each of them a bridesmaid overview kit.  I love it.  The kit includes: the four of you, attire, expectations and promise. 

I originally got the idea to do this for my bridesmaids HERE and then I changed it up and made it my own.

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