Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Medical School Invitations

In June of 2009, much to my delight, Christoph finished his residency (this is the step all doctors must take after they complete medical school). After 11, yes 11 years of schooling to become a doctor, I found it fitting that we have a party. At the time, I came up with some fun, creative invitations and blogged about them HERE.

Christoph’s Residency Graduation Party Invitation:Up until now, the invitations were never listed in my Etsy shop. I thought the invitations were cool and I got great feedback from guests but I didn’t think there was a market for them.The posting that I did back in June 2009 continues to be one of my highest trafficked posts EVER! I’ve also had several people track down my email address or convo me on Etsy to purchase a set of these invitations!I’ve finally placed a listing on Etsy for you to purchase your own custom set of medical invitations HERE!

These aren’t limited to just medical school graduation invitations. They can also be customized for:
- Valentine’s Day: Prescription for love!
- Birthday Parties: Know someone who’s about to be “Over the Hill”?
- Get Well Cards: Prescription for good health!
- Theme Doctor and Nurse Parties
The possibilities are endless. I’m happy to work with you on custom orders to meet your specific needs!

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