Monday, January 10, 2011

This Year I Resolve To

Give Handmade Gifts or that Give Back: This year I would like to try to stick to giving gifts that I either make myself or giving gifts that give back to a charity. Obviously there will be some exceptions (I won’t give a hand sewn apron as a wedding gift….unless there is money in the pocket).

Charitable Gift Ideas:
Help to End Hunger:Feed Bag:100 school meals provided to kids in Rwanda (End hunger in your community)
Help Support Animals: Card: An animal has been helped in your honor
Help the Environment: Card: A tree has been planted in your honor

Exercise More:This was the one resolution I didn’t meet last year. And this year, I’m on Wedding Watch 2011…..meaning I need to get in shape for my wedding! Not like I’m really trying to loose weight, just tone up.

Not resolutions so much, but....
Things I Would Like to Do this Year:
- Take a tour of the Anchor Steam Brewery
- Buy a bike. A cheap one….One that will probably cost less than my helmet.
- Ride public transportation. I did it when I would visit SF….since I’ve lived here, I haven’t done it. Not-a once! Not even the cable car!

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