Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Business Card Card

Business cards leave much opportunity for creativity yet oftentimes they are very forgettable. I think business cards are the paper version of a first impression.

I always collect business cards at craft fairs and events even if I don’t buy from the person. I take them home and then decide if I am interested and want to do more research on what they are about.

These are some of the business cards I’ve collected over the past few months:If the cards aren’t memorable, chances are my interest stops there.

These are two that really stick out to me: Left is Matchbook Magazine and right is a sales persons!For my Hello Cupcake business cards, I wanted to make something that was memorable, informative but also gave some clue as to what Hello Cupcake is about.

Front:I came up with Hello Cupcake Business Card Card because I will never tire of a hand written note.

Inside: The Hand Written Business Card:Hand written notes make you feel special and they are memorable. Hello Cupcake is also a stationery line! So it seemed very fitting to me that my business cards be a mini card for me to give someone after we meet.

Back: The Information:What do you think?

Crazy person taking pictures at the dog park! These pictures were taken at the dog park where I met the sweetest dog “Angel”! Having a blog sometimes means taking pictures at odd times.....but the lighting outside was so nice!

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