Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Does That Make Me Crazy?

I’m still not over the thought of wedding flowers so I took a recent trip to the San Francisco Flower Mart. I decided I would pick up a random assortment of green, white and yellow flowers and just see what came together. Would you think I was crazy if I told you the thought has crossed my mind to attempt doing the flowers for my wedding? I wouldn’t blame you.

I wish I could tell you what types of flowers I got, but alas, as you know my flower knowledge is lacking. I do know that I got some ranunculus in white and yellow (I know what they are because I asked) and some baby’s-breath.

My goal was to spend no more than $40 but I went slightly over and came in at $42. I got A LOT of flowers! Probably somewhere around 10 small bouquets. My house will be filled with beautiful blooms for the next week!

I’ll post some pictures of the arrangements soon.

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