Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reality as I see it From San Francisco

As my brother who was visiting last weekend said, “It’s like you live in a fantasy land. This place is not real life.”

Sometimes I take living in San Francisco for granted so when I came across this editorial in today’s San Francisco Chronicle it made me stop, think and put things back into perspective. If you live in San Francisco, I hope it has the same outcome for you. If you don't live here you should find the beauty in your own city and then come visit SF!Just count yourself lucky to live in San Francisco

San Franciscans, we live in a great city and it does have its problems, but can we please put a day aside to just let people live their lives again?

Stop the whining and criminalizing human behavior, stop the needless arguments with neighbors, and maybe ask them their names and have a conversation before litigation. We all might be better off for it.

I know there are a million things wrong here, but I believe there are twice as many that are right. Which one do you think is healthier to focus on? I think once we set aside petty differences, we will then to our surprise be able to solve problems without much difficulty.

And this is all coming from someone who is as negative, spiteful and arrogant as anyone else you'd hate to ask about bicycles, Happy Meals or doggy rights. That's what is great about this place, that even someone as jaded as me will sooner or later want people to enjoy the city as much as I do.

So get out, look around and realize that less than a million people get to call San Francisco home. You are one of the lucky ones. - Matthew Novak, San Francisco

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  1. 100% love this and agree. I've been living in sf just over a year now and have those awe moments randomly. This place is gorgeous and amazing and we are truly lucky to call it home :) Just found your blog and adore it! It's always fun finding other sf bloggers.

    p.s. I was at the last blogger meet up at aventine, I guess I didn't get a chance to meet you :(