Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fashionably MADE: Tailored Pants & Ring

This week’s Fashionably Made will be followed up with a simple “How To”.

It has been dreary and rainy the past few days in San Francisco. Since I have to go to work I’m forced to get out of my PJ’s but I still want something soft, warm and comfortable.Coat and Belt: H&M, Sweater and Scarf: Nordstrom’s, Pants and Shoes: Marshalls and tailored by Stacy, Wire wrap ring: Made by my sister in law
I’m wearing layers and a cozy scarf. The pants were tailored to fit by me. When I bought them they were boot cut. With a few simple stitches, I turned them in to strait leg pants.When I set out to find pants like this, the only ones that I could find that were remotely similar were expensive! Knowing that this was a simple modification, I found an inexpensive pair of black slacks with a nice fit and decided to alter them.

Stay tuned for an easy to follow tutorial on how to turn boot cut slacks into straight leg!The ring was a gift from my sister in law’s sister….so that also makes her my sister in law right? Anyway, it has a beautiful teal bead and is wrapped in silver wire. It’s a fun pop of color!

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