Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fashionably MADE:

I'm excited to announce a new weekly project I’m calling “Fashionably MADE”. Each week, I will be posting an outfit that incorporates at least one handmade item. The item will either be made by yours truly or another crafter.Cardigan: Nordstroms, Yellow Top: Stacy, Green Braded Necklace: Stacy, Orange Necklace: Minzer on Etsy, Pants: Hudson, Shoes: Steve Madden

To kick off the series I’m wearing one of my favorite homemade tops, it's yellow and it's perfect for a casual date, dinner with friends or even work! I've paired it with a fun orange and green necklace both of which are homemade.

P.S.: I'm really excited about this project as expressed below.