Thursday, March 24, 2011

How To: Boot Cut Pants to Strait Leg Pants

Looking for the perfect strait leg pants but don’t want to spend a ton of money? For last week’s Fashionably MADE I wore a pair of black strait leg pants that I had tailored from an inexpensive pair of boot cuts.When I bought the pants they were boot cut. With a few simple stitches, I turned them in to strait leg pants.

Material Needed:
- Pants that you want to turn into strait leg
- Thread and a sewing machine
- Rotary Cutter
- Ruler/Measuring tape
- Pins

Start by turning the pants inside out:Place your measuring tape at the thinnest part of the pants. Usually the inside seam by your thigh. Take the ruler or measuring tape and stretch it down the length of the leg, making sure that there is the same amount of space between the outside seam and where you will be sewing.Pin a strait line that you will follow from the top of the inside seam to the bottom. Make sure the bottom front of the pant lines up strait with the bottom back of the pants.Repeat the steps for the other leg of the pants.

Sew a strait line from the top to the bottom on both legs.You can turn the pants back from inside out and try them on if you want to check to make sure they fit properly before cutting the excess fabric.

After you are sure that you are happy with the new fit, making sure that the pants are inside out, cut off the excess fabric with your rotary cutter. Turn the pants back with the right side out.Simple as that! You’re ready to hit the town in your new strait leg pants! This is a great project if you have a pair of pants that you would wear more if they were strait leg. Tuck them in your boots, wear them with your super high heels…..They’re super versatile.

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