Sunday, March 13, 2011

Live Colorfully

Last Thursday I attended a blogger get together at the Kate Spade store on Grant Street. It was being hosted by the fabulous Elizabeth from Mission Closet.The event was an opportunity to meet some local bloggers and to presale some beautiful items. 20 percent off everything in store!!!!Kate Spade recently launched a new website and announced that this year will be the “Year of Color”! It will feature 12 signature shades, with a new color unveiled each month. This month the color is yellow.I love the concept and think it’s a very clever way to spotlight their collection.I love just about all things Kate Spade and found a few items to lust after. I was being responsible at the event. Responsible meaning that I only bought gifts for people associated with the wedding. Nothing for myself!The dress and wedges are on my wish list. I do have a birthday coming up in a few months…..hint, hint.Elizabeth from Mission Closet and Me

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  1. I love Kate Spade! My absolute favorite! How fun!
    :) :)