Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Make Your Own Pattern

I’m not a perfectionist, I tend to ignore recipes, I don’t like following directions and I like to make it up as I go along. Who wouldn’t want to work with me?

Sometimes the results are disastrous; sometimes they turn out alright….and on occasion things work out really well for me!

When I sew an article of clothing I like to either sketch out a plan with measurements or make a pattern to avoid wasting fabric. For last week’s Fashionably MADE post I made a blouse. I did so by creating a pattern from a shirt that I already owned. I liked the fit and knew that it would be fairly simple to replicate.Most fabric stores sell pattern making paper by the foot which has dots or numbers to help guide you. The prices range anywhere from $1 - $4 per yard. No thank you. I have a much less expensive option. Make a pattern out of newspaper! I learned this trick from my friend Elizabeth. Her Grandmother Lita came from a large family and her parents passed away at a young age. Lita sewed clothing to help support her family and use to make patterns out of old newspaper.

Material Needed:
- Newspaper
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Paper
- Measuring tape
- Article of clothing to replicate

Start by looking at your article of clothing and recognizing the number of pieces used to make it. In this case, the blouse I was recreating had 5 pieces. Front, Lower Back, Upper Back, sleeve cuffs.

Sketch a picture of each piece and measure the dimensions of each piece and make note of the dimensions on the paper:Measure the dimensions out on your newspaper. If the newspaper is not big enough in some spots, make note. Example –3 in blue ink. This lets me know to add 3 more inches on this side of the fabric when I am cutting::Once you have all of your pieces, you are ready to start pinning to your fabric and start cutting away.
The Final Result:Saving money, finding a way to recycle my newspapers, before putting them in the recycle bin and crafting up a new project. Sounds like a win all the way around.

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  1. you are so talented! love both blouses! i need a sewing lesson. i honesty can't even sew a button.