Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Cube

This is where I live 40+ hours a week. My cube. Isn’t it glam? It has a window!I’ve been working full time since 2005 and have always been in a cube. After a few years of cubicle living I grew tired of the dull gray walls so when I started at my current job in 2009, I decided to jazz it up!I made my screen saver/computer background to match my walls (created in photoshop) and I got the décor at Marshall’s.This project was extremely simple, quick and inexpensive! I went to the fabric store, bought three yards of fabric that I would not tire of, 6 yards of ribbon and fabric pins. I cut the pieces to fit the cube walls, pinned it up then covered the seems with the ribbon and more pins. Easy, easy.What do you think? Are you inspired to do a cubicle redesign?

1 comment:

  1. Like. Especially like the wallpaper on your computer screen- inspired.
    We totally do this in our office too! It comes with these giant/ugly built in bulletin boards, so each season we put up different fabric to make it a little prettier. Ikea has been the winner the last few times!