Thursday, March 3, 2011


We are exactly 4 months out from the wedding. Believe it or not, I actually forgot until I got my email from The Knot saying “4 Months to Go!”. Hey, thanks for the reminder!In an attempt to keep huge projects more manageable we are breaking them up and doing them in pieces. For example, the invitations. This is a HUGE project to take on!Envelope liners alone can take hours, not to mention the embossing, printing, assembling, addressing and shipping. We also broke up the assembly of our Save the Dates which was so helpful.We’ve made some progress and all of the envelopes are embossed and lined. Only about 5 more steps times 100 or so invitations. No problem!

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  1. Hey! So great meeting you last week. I'm catching up on your blog and I love watching your creations unfold.