Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let It Rain

This weekend I am off to Southern California for my first bridal shower! I’m so excited! The shower is being thrown in the town where I grew up: Upland, CA. I lived there from the time I was born until I was 16. I would definitely consider this my hometown.

The restaurant that we picked for the shower is also really sentimental to me. As a family, we went there all the time. When I was in Junior High, my Mom would check me out of school during lunch every so often and we would go there. Just the two of us. When I was 13, my Dad took me there on my “first date”. My Dad was my date. He told me what time he would pick me up, he brought me a corsage and that’s where we went for dinner.So, you can see why this restaurant is so special to me. My Mom is throwing me the shower but being the control freak that I am, I insisted on doing my own invitations. I look at it as an opportunity to expand my designs for Hello Cupcake!I kept it simple, circles and colors that are consistent with our wedding theme. I also put together a menu and two games for guests to play at the shower: “How well do you know Stacy & Christoph” and a wedding theme word scramble. I’ll be sure to post pictures of the shower!


  1. What a cute story and a great dad that you have! The invites are adorable! congratulations!!

  2. Have so much fun and enjoy your special day!!