Monday, May 23, 2011

B.A.D. Girls

People look at you funny when your hair is tall enough to hit the roof of your car. This all stated a few weeks ago when I got an evite from “Queen Elizabitch” to go watch the B.A.D girls roller derby in Oakland. B.A.D roller derby: full contact, all female, totally awesome.

We were told to come up with our roller derby name and come in costume.Around 10 fully committed derby girl fans came out to enjoy an afternoon in the sun and then go cheer on the B.A.D. girls as they competed against the Rocky Mountain Fight Club at the Craneway Pavilion.

In attendance there was:
Queen Elizabitch and Ammo WinehouseCleosmackya and Hoe Down/Ammo WinehouseBetty Rage/Ammo WinehouseQueen Elizabitch, Honey Badger, Betty Rage, Punky Bruiser, MereDeathYep, we’re a group of BAD Bitc*es!

We spent the afternoon in the backyard BBQ’ing up make your own mini pizzas on a pizza stone (amazing) and drinking PBR. Then it was off to the derby!The atmosphere was electric. The girls, they’re tough! The crowd was huge! It was a really fun night.

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