Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fashionably MADE: Clutches

Last week, I spent all of my free time working on wedding invitations, Etsy orders and these clutches. I wanted to put something together for my sister-in-laws since I knew that they were going through an incredibly difficult time.I love these girls like they truly are my sisters; I’ve known them since I was 14!I went to the fabric store and picked out fabric that I thought best fit each of their personalities.Heart fabric, which I also used to make this shirt was for Chelsea, the youngest sister. Because of her, I truly feel like and older sister. It has been amazing to watch her grow up. The leopard print was for Christy the sister who is just one year younger than me and has an amazing fashion sense. She also made me this ring. The abstract shapes was for Candice, who is married to my brother and always gravitates towards classics in fun colors. She truly is one of my very best friends. I absolutely treasure her. I also found some great books to give to each of the girls. Just a little something special to help them through this difficult period.

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