Sunday, May 15, 2011

Unusual forms of Exercise

Before moving to San Francisco, I spent 5 years living in Laguna Beach. I met my friend Sarah at work but we ended up living just a few short blocks away from each other. I probably spent more time with her than with Christoph.Not only was she was my carpool buddy, but she was and is one of my most trusted confidants and my exercise guru.

Sarah is someone who will jump on the bandwagon and try out the latest and greatest exercise techniques. In 2008, she got me hooked on Bikram yoga and now, in 2011, she’s got me into stand up paddle boarding.She convinced me to give it a go last month when I went down to So. Cal. I’m a fairly coordinated person and I thought it would be a fun challenge.She’s a pro….or so she says. Claiming she never falls in the water and that sometimes she’ll even take the board out in the morning wearing her sweatpants.

Liar! She fell in. Of course, I’m not one to talk. I fell in twice. Once on my own when I was getting the hang of it and the second time, because I was laughing so hard at her swimming around trying to get back on the board.But all in all, we both did well. Getting in our exercise and showing off our best camel pose on a paddle board. Why not combine two fun exercises that you love? Yoga and paddle boarding. Sounds like a winning combo.All in all, a great way to spend some time with one of your best friends while getting in some exercise.

Love you Sarah!

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