Monday, May 23, 2011

Wax & Pixels

A few weeks ago our wedding photographer Jessamyn Harris sent us a package out of the blue. FUN!!!!! You already know how much I love her work because I wrote about it here, here and here!I opened the package with delight and came across two beautiful black boxes with a belly band that read “Wax & Pixels.The boxes contained two of our engagement photos that had been completely transformed into something incredibly special!Wax and Pixels takes photos and transforms them into unique works of art using beeswax. The process brings out this richness in the photos giving them an almost eerie quality that is a true thing of beauty.The photos are mounted on wood then painted with several layers of wax. You can actually see a post of our pictures being made HERE! This is so cool!I am absolutely in love with these and we have already given them a prominent spot in our bedroom. I look forward to expanding my collection of Wax & Pixels with the photos that Jessamyn takes after the wedding.

Second through fifth picture by: Jessamyn Harris

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