Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh, how inviting

Few weeks back I wrote about our wedding invitations. I had decided on the design for the invitations back in the fall and as the months went on, I kept expanding the final version to be more and more elaborate.Once it was all said and done, there were a lot more pieces than I had originally anticipated but I am so happy with the final result.The feedback from guests was amazing. I was told that receiving our invitation was like opening a present and that some guests took extreme caution so as not to rip the sticker when opening the packaging. Really cute :)

This is a list of what I used to make the invitations. All of it was either purchased in store or ordered online.

Teal Envelopes – Paper Source
Yellow Envelope Liner– Paper Source
Embossing Tool & Plates – Paper Source
White Pen – Paper Source
Invitation Paper – Crane Paper
Twine- Divine Twine
Round Sticker Labels – Avery
Clear Cello: The Container Store


  1. This is so unique! I love how you wrap it up with the twine! Congrats!!

  2. I wanna do this. This is really original and can be personalized.

  3. This looks adorable and the cellophane totally makes it look like a present.