Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Wedding Website

One thing that I would highly recommend if you’re planning a wedding is to build a wedding website*. Not the cheesy kind that you get for free through wedding planning websites, but take a few minutes to really customize it to match your event.I started putting together our site as I was working on our invitations. The look of the site matches that of our invitations. As soon as people got our Save the Date’s they could visit our website and get additional information that I hadn’t put on the card. This gave people the opportunity to make plans well in advance of when our actual invitation would arrive in their mailbox.

The site also allowed me to save money and time on printing. Rather than mail people directions to the venue, I posted a map on the site. Rather than including a printed list of hotel accommodations, I posted links to the hotels on the site. You get it?
It was also a really nice way for people who are coming to the wedding but may not know us as well as our closest friends and family to learn more about us.There is a page about the “bride & groom”. What we like, do and a really fun and personal write up about how we feel about each other.I wrote about our proposal story:I have a page dedicated to our wedding party:The feedback about or website has been awesome. People have really enjoyed it. Christoph’s family from Germany told us that they pulled it up on a computer at a dinner party to show their guests because they had never seen anything like it!

I’m so glad that I took the time to put this together. If you’re planning a wedding, this is one thing that I definitely think is worth planning to do.

*When I call it a wedding website, I’m not being totally honest. Really, it’s just a free blogger blog and then I bought a url ($10) to make it seem more like an actual website.

P.S.: Our site has a page for people to leave song requests.....the requests have been hilarious....if you make a website, please have a song request page.

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