Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hidden Treasures

Growing up, my step grandparents were huge fans of garage sales. They’d go hunting for treasures and had a house full of unusual knick knacks. Naturally, family reunions had to have a garage sale aspect. With a small budget, we’d split into teams, spend the morning garage sailing and meet back at the end of the day to determine the winner. Whoever could find the most unusual, oddest, best bargain, grossest….you name it, we had lots of categories for winners. Now a days, I’m all about visiting the antique faire to find treasures. This past weekend, Christoph and I were on the hunt to find a buffet hutch to store all of our new wedding china. Let me just tell you, visiting the Alameda Antique Faire when you’re not looking for milk glass and blue mason jars for a wedding is so much more fun!Clearly, I was on a costume jewelry kick. I picked up a great faux gold chain, a few bow broaches and a pearl collar (amazing right!?)I also found a lady that was trying to offload some vintage clothing. At $2 a piece, I took a gamble and got this yellow dress and an 80’s romper. The romper fits really cute and the dress is a little big. We’ll see what I can do with it.Lastly, we did manage to stay on track enough to find a china buffet. Gorgeous! I love that it isn’t just another espresso colored piece to match perfectly with everything else in our house. It has some beautiful detail.It is also in great shape. Once we got is home I lined all the drawers and cabinets with contact paper. It’s done and ready to fill with wedding gifts!It also makes for a great hiding spot for Ginger*.

* Sticking her in a cabinet and telling her to stay! It’s ridiculous how much she puts up with. She’s such a good dog.

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