Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Details, Details, Details

Three years ago Christoph and I went to the wedding of our dear friends John & Mandy. Still to this day, I think it was one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve attended. In planning for our wedding, we often talked about what about that wedding set it apart from all the rest. Details. The details made all the difference. When Mandy told me that she was planning her 30th birthday party I was beyond excited because this is not a girl that half asses (pardon my French) anything! Mandy’s party was at The Magic Flute in Laurel Village.Many had asked me to help pull together a few details for her party. First, she wanted a game for guests to play while waiting for dinner. She put together a list of 20 questions and I laid it out as a crossword puzzle. I got so much enjoyment out of watching the guests try to figure out the answers.Next, she had me create a custom sticker to go on her guest gift. Everyone went home with delicious cupcakes. All the guests loved them, including this adorable little guy.In keeping with the crossword puzzle blocks theme, this is the label I came up.Cupcakes in tow, the girls also got to bring home the beautiful flowers that Mandy had used to decorate the space. It was a fantastic night filled with great food, friends and fun.

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