Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Number 26

Nearly three years ago I realized that I needed a hobby. Christoph was still in residency and that meant he was working crazy hours and when he wasn’t at the hospital he was home reading medical briefs. I was looking for something that I enjoyed doing that I could work on quietly while he studied.

I realized the perfect hobby soon after my best friend got married in April of 2008. I had made invitations for her bridal shower and the feedback I received was awesome. I dabbled in coming up with designs and worked on building a website.

In November 2008 I launched Hello Cupcake LLC. Not as a hobby, but as a real business. The tax paying, sellers permit holding, accountant requiring kind of business. Number 26 on my list of things to accomplish in my lifetime was to open my own business.

Shortly after starting my business I opened my Etsy shop. The first few years were slow. Sales were far and few in between but I never gave up. I just kept working away. Improving my craft, figuring out my aesthetic and only selling products that I could truly get behind. In a sense, I started doing it for the enjoyment that it brought me, not the money.

For years I still felt like Hello Cupcake LLC was a hobby. I was working hard but didn’t have much to show for. But I kept going.

Two weeks ago I reached a revenue goal that I thought impossible and today I hit my 99th sale. I worked hard to get here. So hard. And to put it mildly, I’m hugely proud of myself.

I think the lesson is simple. Work hard, be passionate, follow your heart and do what you love and you will succeed!

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