Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hunger Challenge Day 4 & 5...Boring!

This is a picture of what I’ve been eating. Three plates of boring.

I am so tired of bland and mediocre food I could……I don’t know. Be even more thankful that this is just one week of my life.

Basically for the last few days I’ve been eating oatmeal for breakfast, a granola snack, leftovers or some type of really unhealthy microwave meal for lunch and either scrambled eggs or a tuna melt for dinner.

Very, very little vegetables, lean meat and dairy. I am craving a gigantic salad. Crab Louie if you want to be specific. There’s absolutely no room in my budget for seafood and the salad that I had been eating is long gone.

I’m so blah that I don’t even feel like adding up what my daily meal costs have been for the last few days. Just know I’ve come it at or under budget.

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