Monday, September 12, 2011

Hunger Challenge Shopping

I think it’s safe to assume that a lot of the people living on a food stamp budget don’t have hours to prepare for their grocery trip each week. Maybe they’re working two or three jobs have their hands full with kids or they aren’t well enough to do such intensive preparation before buying groceries.

Three hours! Three hours is how long it took me to prepare for my shipping trip, go to two stores and check out. Ridiculous, but I did get some great deals and what an exciting Friday night (sarcasm intended).

My budget: $42.76 (7 days on the challenge for me, 1 day and 2 dinners for Christoph)

Chicken Breast: $5.44
Ground Turkey: $3.00
Cheese: $2.28
Eggs (18): $2.99
Bread: $1.58
Ramen: $0.33
Cucumber: $0.50
Apples (3): $1.03
Bell Pepper: $0.33
Onion: $0.20
Potatoes (3): $1.17
Oranges (2): $0.83
Salad: $2.00
Frozen Personal Pizza: $0.88
Pretzels: $1.28
Coffee: $3.78
Granola Bars (6): $1.77
Tuna (2 Cans): $2.00
Bananas (4): $0.94
Cake Mix: $1.00
Frosting: $1.68
Aunt Jemima Mix: $0.80 ($1.68 for box, only using part of it)
Spaghetti Sauce: $2.00
Oatmeal: $1.00 ($2.50 for box, only using part of it)
Pasta: $1.00

Total Spent: $37.81
Remaining Amount: $2.95 (yeah!!!!!!!)

In spite of all of my prep work I still had to make some on the spot changes that impacted my budget. First, they were out of the chicken I had planned to buy and second, pears were on sale for 4 lbs for $1……but below is all that I had to choose from. Disgusting right? All in all, I’m thrilled with how much I got for the price, but it felt like shopping in its self was a job.


  1. Good for you, Stacy! I was just not up to doing all that work this year, so just shopped in my usual manner. We'll see how the week goes...

    Hope Christoph behaves himself this year!

  2. Great to see your list! I posted mine too. You seem a little light on dairy. I am trying to get the rda for calcium but it's tough on this budget.