Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On The Farm

Not quite country living considering we were just 30 minutes outside of San Francisco in Martinez, California but my oh my what a drastically different pace of life than what we’re currently living in the city.A few weeks ago we got together with some of Christoph’s co-workers for dinner. Before we got around to eating, we explored the grounds. Frolicked walked our way through a garden of pumpkins, tomatoes, pepper, lettuce, basil and sunflower seeds.I enjoyed the flowers while he played bocce ball. I gave the kids a run for their money on the zip line. Yeah, this young lady in 3 inch heals is not afraid to go swinging through the trees (twice) when the opportunity presents its self.Happened upon John Muir’s grave. Yes, John Muir the founder of the Sierra Club and most well-known wilderness preservationist.Then at dinner we also happened to be dining with John Muir’s great grandson while drinking Muir’s legacy wine. Come on, that’s pretty neat right? I thought so.We went home with all kinds of goodies from the garden which I used to make a very delicious breakfast the following morning.All in all, a very fun experience!

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