Thursday, September 8, 2011

To A Great Pear

Part of what’s so great about making and designing my own cards is that I’m never unprepared for a birthday, occasion or life event.Today marks the four year anniversary of my brother and sister in laws marriage! They were high school sweethearts who after more than 10 years of dating got married. So technically they’ve been together for 15 plus years. Legally, they’ve been together just 4.To mark the occasion, I sent them this card. They are indeed a great pear…or pair! Cheers to the two of them. I wish them nothing but happiness and love. Today and always.This is Christoph and Me leaving their wedding. You can’t tell, but I was really celebrating. By that I mean this is one of very few pictures of me without drink in hand*.

*Most likely because the staff took it from me on my way out of the reception. But hey, I told them I would drink my money’s worth and I am a lady of my word.

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