Friday, October 28, 2011

Cheers to Us

Yesterday, I was walking with a dear friend of mine, just chatting, when she unknowingly paid me a huge complement that got me thinking late in to the night. She said:

“You’re so good at celebrating people.”

Think about it. Isn’t that a nice complement to receive? That I value and celebrate the people and friends in my life, that it’s appreciated, that it doesn’t go unnoticed. I love to celebrate the occasions in my life* and those around me. No matter how big or small.

Seriously, take a moment, think of those who encourage and celebrate you. Let them know and make more time in your own life to celebrate the achievements of those around you! Life is too short to do anything but celebrate it.

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*Ummm hello, 100th Etsy Sale anyone….or the fact that I still get excited about half birthdays, mine of which is a little over a week away. Mark your calendars for November 9th! We’ll celebrate together!

Image By: Jessamyn Harris from My Wedding


  1. Hi there! First time on the blog- you seem like a truly genuine, and sweet person, so it's no wonder your friend said this to you! It was lovely meeting you last night! Now following!!

    xo Carlina

  2. Stacy!!!! I was just catching up on my blog reading, and I saw this and got totally teary! You are such a generous and caring friend, and I'm so grateful for how supportive and celebratory you are. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. Here's to celebrating many more happy moments to come!