Monday, October 3, 2011

My Mom's Talent

Growing up, crafting with my Mom was one of my most favorite memories. We’d sit at the kitchen table, paint mini clay houses for our Christmas town, make cards with glitter, doilies and stamps and she hand made just about every one of my Halloween costumes.It comes as no surprise to me that my creative side comes from my Mom. She still loves to create and craft and for the last several years she has been sewing quilts.Her work is absolutely gorgeous, creative and intricate. Quilting requires a patience that is lost on me.I knew that she had quite a collection of quilts she had made but when she started pulling them out of the closet to show me, my jaw just about hit the floor.She has a quilt(s) made for every holiday, every occasion and every season. Where to start photographing!Since she has such an extensive collection, I decided to break up the posts. I think I will do a post on her work every few months to showcase the quilts of the current season.

For now, I just snapped a few of my favorites. Beautiful aren’t they? She’s so talented.

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