Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Get-a-way: SLO

Last month I surprised Christoph with a quick trip to San Luis Obispo for his birthday. I picked SLO because I’m very familiar with the area as my Mom lived there for a number of years and I almost went to college at Cal Poly.

I truly love it there and was happy to take a quick family trip back to the area. If you’re looking for a quick get-a-way from the Bay Area or even the LA area, San Luis Obispo is a great option (it’s halfway between SF and LA).

This was our itinerary (most of which I would highly recommend you check out):

Avila Beach: We had a picnic on this dog friendly beach which sounds awesome until you factor in the eating of sand and infestation of bees (fail)

Petit Solei: We stayed at this lovely B&B that allowed dogs and provided a fun wine happy hour and a delicious breakfast

Madonna Inn: I couldn’t take a trip to SLO without a stop to the Madonna Inn. We had dinner in their over the top, strait from the 70’s restaurant. In spite of the pink leather booths (see pic below) the food was good and the atmosphere made it feel like a time warp back to the 70’s complete with live band and elderly couples dancing their feet off.

Mineral springs at the Sycamore: Make a reservation for a private soak in the mineral springs. It’s actually quite romantic, feel free to bring your own champagne and enjoy in the privacy of your own mineral spring.

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a visit to the central coast! If you decide to go and want more suggestions, let me know, I left out a lot of other options (wine tasting, apple picking, downtown SLO) because we were a bit restricted on time.

Image: Madonna Inn (in all its tacky glory)

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  1. Looks so fun, and good to know about the dog friendly Inn! We have been talking about going to SLO, thanks for the advice!